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Looking for agency
SanRui medical was founded in 1992, and its ownership form is a joint-stock limited liability company. The company's headquarters is located in Guangzhou Tianhe high tech Industrial Development Zone. Over the past 28 years, SanRui entrepreneurs are down-to-earth, diligent and innovative, the company's business continues to develop, strength and scale continue to grow. At present, SanRui company has a high-tech development team with the central research department as the main body and the Chinese foreign cooperation alliance as the backing; it has a production base with the company's medical electronic factory as the main body and outsourcing processing as the auxiliary; it has 23 offices all over the country and a three-dimensional marketing network integrating sales and service. Today's SanRui company has begun to take shape and strength. It is an industrial company integrating development, production, sales and service.
Now we are looking for agencies nationwide. The requirements are as follows:
1. Have independent legal personality;
2. It has certain capital strength;
3. Have a valid medical device business license;
4. Have a certain product sales network;
In line with the principle of equality, mutual benefit and win-win, our company is willing to cooperate with agents at all levels
1. Regional protection for agents
2. High quality product after-sales service is the worry of the agent;
3. The product has good brand benefit
4. Provide competitive market operation space and return.

Interested parties, please contact our sales management department, Tel: 020-87036513.