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Three beauties of humanity
Concept of talent development
people oriented
Encourage employees to work in an environment full of motivation, fair competition and cooperation.

Encourage innovation
Innovation spirit is regarded as an indispensable condition in the development process of the company. The company encourages employees to put forward reasonable suggestions to promote the development of the company.
Training and development
The company has a perfect training mechanism, according to the common development needs of employees and the company, provides various forms of employee training.
New employee training
New employee training is divided into company level and department level training to help employees quickly adapt to the company's culture.

The company level training includes understanding the company's history, corporate culture, company standards, company products, etc., which is carried out by the company's internal trainer team. The tutorial system will be implemented in department training. After the new employee takes the post, the Department will assign an old employee to carry out the "tutorial system" training, one-to-one to lead you to join a new team.
Business skills training
The company has a perfect on-the-job training system. According to the training plan obtained from the training demand survey at the end of the year, the company provides training and exchange learning opportunities for employees of all posts on a quarterly basis.
Management skills training
The company pays attention to the training of management team, devotes itself to training excellent management talents adapting to the rapid development of the company, and strengthens the centralized training of management skills every year.
A stage without a ceiling
When there are job vacancies in the company, the company will give priority to the existing employees and provide them with opportunities for adjustment or promotion. As long as you are ready, the opportunity is in front of you.

Competitive salary and perfect welfare
The company provides attractive salary, annual salary adjustment opportunity, and year-end bonus will be paid according to employee performance and company performance at the end of the year; the working time mechanism of the company is five-day working system, the company also purchases five insurances and one fund for each employee, and provides commercial insurance supplement for field posts; enjoys paid annual leave and longer Spring Festival holiday; holiday allowance and intimate birthday gift; employee Employees can enjoy annual travel and activities organized by the company.